COMMISSIONS OF INQUIRY is a requisite for the development of mama Salone

A commentary by Ahmid C Jalloh,
Director of YARDO-SL.

I, like thousands of young Sierra Leoneans, spent the whole of Monday attentively listening to the parliamentary debate on the notion for or against the establishment of a commissions of enquiry to look into the activities of the previous government.
What I made of the fierce debate is the fact that with the help of TV channels most Sierra Leoneans were opportuned to watch the live program and make a good sense out of this important decision that the government proposed.
Some months ago, I wrote a piece about Accountability; urging young people to embrace it in order to push our beloved country forward.
So in my humblest opinion, I had always supported the Commissions of Inquiry. Not because of party color or whatsoever, but because, like I always to told my friends, this commission will not only bring economic justice to our poor citizenry but it will also serve as a warning for all current political figures who might be tempted to embezzle public funds.

This commission comes in a time when people are making it a habit of deliberately misappropriating the country’s money in their self interest. So there is no better time than now to curtail this corrupt plague that has crippled our country for so long.
Come to think of it, despite all the natural resources Sierra Leone is amongst the poorest nations in the world. Have you ever pondered the reason why? Corruption. Corruption is the reason why we are suffering everyday. Corruption is the reason why there is hardship in all corners of the country.
We are tired of the sufferings, we want a country that fight corruption like an enemy. And believe me, corruption is our biggest enemy. The enemy to our national progress. The enemy that enriches only the greedy few and suffers the masses.

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